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I'm an elderly woman (1 husband 6 children 15 grandchildren & 1 great grandson ) I love talking, writing, looking at art & I take a porcelein painting class & can't for the day I get my own kiln.

please help

I would appreciate a bit of help identifying this medal. One side is a picture of Páidraig Pearse, the reverse is the text of a speech “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace” by Pearse, poet, author and patriot Commander … Continue reading

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I wish I could weed !!!!!!

I am an avid reader of books on both cookery and gardening. I love nothing better than to curl up and read about exotic recipes on the cookery side and dead-heading and mulching on the gardening side. People who don’t … Continue reading

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The day a wasp got into me beehive

I teased and smoothed for ages, Dusty Springfield would have been jealous of me beehive.  You were nobody in the early sixties without the elaborate hairstyle.  Copious amounts of lacquer applied, not the much improved product of today, but little more … Continue reading

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A stream of thought

The swan opens her white wings slowly, she is majestic. I see visions of chaste brides, novice nuns and new born babes. A kaleidoscope of purity and innocence runs through my mind like a river of love. The swan, unaware of … Continue reading

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let us enjoy our irresponsible years

A lot of people think childhood years are the irresponsible ones, but in my experience it is the golden years of old age that deserve that title. When I was a child in a large family there were always chores, … Continue reading

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Brave new century?

Eleven years ago the world celebrated a momentous event * The Milleneum *. The dawn of the twenty-first century was going to change the world forever, we were on the cusp of solving all it’s ills. We can all remember … Continue reading

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This is a partial narrative of my life that is somewhat out of date now I am sorry to say LOL it was written as an essay 13 years ago when I was studying for the leaving cert. My sixteen year old son is now thirty and I have to add another generation on, as I now have a four year old greatgrandson.

Looking Back through a mirror Standing in the hallway adjusting my scarf, a figure passed behind me, a tall handsome young man. I caught my own eye in the mirror and paused, transfixed, as I realised that this tall dark … Continue reading

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