A stream of thought

The swan opens her white wings slowly, she is majestic.

I see visions of chaste brides, novice nuns and new born babes.

A kaleidoscope of purity and innocence runs through my mind like a river of love.

The swan, unaware of my admiration, is tending her ugly ducklings.

Who will soon become beautiful swans?

Reminding me to be aware of the hidden beauty in everything,

Even the seemingly ugly.

Every creature, plant, stone or body of water has the possibility to become a rare thing of beauty.

Never assume it not worthy of admiration if unattractive.

If you look carefully enough you will see the hidden beauty in all of God’s creations.


About margaretmarymurphy

I'm an elderly woman (1 husband 6 children 15 grandchildren & 1 great grandson ) I love talking, writing, looking at art & I take a porcelein painting class & can't for the day I get my own kiln.
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