Brave new century?

Eleven years ago the world celebrated a momentous event * The Milleneum *. The dawn of the twenty-first century was going to change the world forever, we were on the cusp of solving all it’s ills. We can all remember where we were on that memorable new years eve, who we were with, what we were doing. Indeed I have a certificate that came with a commemoration candle that was delivered to every household. The idea was that everyone present signed their names on the paper, so we could have a permanent reminder of the celebrations. Alas, I was silly enough to save this ceremony until the witching hour, a lot of toasts to the coming new century were drunk before that, with the result that every name on my form is illegible, I can’t even find my own.

So here we are, eleven years after this once in a lifetime celebration, with all our new century resolutions to make this a better world, worthy of a bright new age, forgotten just as any ordinary new year resolution is, by the end of January.

Instead of progressing we are sliding backwards into medieval conditions. The rich are getting even richer, while the poor are being sold into slavery. We have people having to move out of apartments they very recently mortgaged their soul for,.while the people who allowed the jerry building of them are in high market mansions in our choicest districts. Our politicians are continuing with the very same policies that brought us to our knees, we have a raggle taggle bunch of wannabes queuing up to fight over a job that will cost us more of our short supply of cash and is a useless luxury in our present circumstances.

Every day a new piece of news emerges to shine light on our leaders incompetence, *advisors* over the agreed cap on pay, some of them. If they couldn’t do the job themselves, why did our politicians tell us they could, oh yes, the pay/perks/pension.

On another continent, people are starving to death, children will never grow up to fulfil their destiny, and reliable experts tell us that there is more than enough food produced in the world to feed all. Every day in the developed world tons of food are destroyed, because of spurious sell-by dates. Supermarkets are no longer allowed to give out of date food, even end of day bread to charities, thanks to crazy EU laws.

I saw a post on facebook recently that summed up our brave new century perfectly, a picture of Steve Jobs and a picture of starving Somalian children with the caption ” one pertson dies and the whole world cries, thousands die and no-one cries”

We started this century with such high hopes, none of us would see the start of another one, we should change the world for our grandchildren down the line. But instead, we have sold them into bondage well beyond our lifetimes because of greed and corruption in all walks of life. A brave new world indeed ???????


About margaretmarymurphy

I'm an elderly woman (1 husband 6 children 15 grandchildren & 1 great grandson ) I love talking, writing, looking at art & I take a porcelein painting class & can't for the day I get my own kiln.
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One Response to Brave new century?

  1. I love it Margaret. It’s all so true imagine back then we had such great hopes and now we are struggling to put heat in our homes and food on the table, yet we see the rich get richer. We see corruption by the wealthy and they walk away with no punishment and yet they want to go after those who are on the dole and maybe doing a day’s work. We see our politician’s being corrupt so this is the society they are creating. Why should we live by the rules when they don’t it’s like parent’s telling children to do the right think when they are doing the opposite. It’s crazy Margaret and getting no better. Lies and corruption and no care for those of us at the lower end of the scale. Keep writing the blogs Margaret you do them so well 🙂

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