My job

                   My job

At whatever I do, I am topping,

The cooking,
the laundry, the shopping.

My job it will never be finished,

For the chores, they are never

In the morning I rise with the

And am busy right up until dark.

I’m a nursemaid, a chauffeur, a

There is nothing I do that is

My job doesn’t end with a time

There is always a dirty 0uld sock.

How I envy the factory worker,
when he clocks off he hurries on home,

But the housewife, cum laundress,
cum driver, still hopes for a moment alone.

Would I change my thankless job
if I could?

Yes, you bet, I bloody well


About margaretmarymurphy

I'm an elderly woman (1 husband 6 children 15 grandchildren & 1 great grandson ) I love talking, writing, looking at art & I take a porcelein painting class & can't for the day I get my own kiln.
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2 Responses to My job

  1. Ah, Margaret…you’ve captured my Sunday through Saturday as if peeking in my windows. Wait, you aren’t are you? 😀

  2. LOL, no, but it could be any mother’s window, not mine now thank god, that was written out of memory, my kids nearly all middle-aged now. thanks for all your comments on my blogs xx

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